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Weird Behavior After a Dog Bath; Why?

    Weird Behavior After a Dog Bath; Why

    He’ll probably go crazy.. No, for real. After that, a lot of things happen quickly. Dogs go crazy after getting a bath for a variety of reasons, including relief, shaking to dry off, and rolling around to get rid of this strange new smell. It could be a release of stress or just happiness. No matter what you call it—a FRAP, the crazies, or the zoomies—hyperactivity after a bath is a thing. And we’re making sense of it.


    Unless you have a dog that loves baths, you already know what’s going on. Your dog has been dirty because it rolled in poop, jumped in a muddy pond, or hasn’t been washed in a while. As soon as your dog knows you’re thinking about putting them in the tub, their paws start to shake, and from then on, they’re just stressed out. When it’s all over, your dog is VERY HAPPY. That can only be shown by, well, running around like crazy. It’s a relief: all the nervous energy is flowing out.

    Strange New Smell

    A clean dog makes a person happy, but what about a dog? Not really. Not only can they smell better than we can (we’ve all seen how dogs greet each other, right? ), but they now have this strange, unfamiliar smell all over them. How to fix it? Sprint around and roll in whatever you can to get rid of the new smell and get back to the old one. It’s in their genes to want to smell like poop, dirt, and grass.

    Getting dry

    Could drying off be the answer to why dogs go crazy after a bath? We can dry ourselves off with towels, but dogs don’t have that option. So they roll around on the carpet, your bed, the couch, etc., and shake their hair in the wind. Just like that.


    a lot of things going on at once Almost all dogs, especially young ones, have periods. All of a sudden, everything is just SO FUN, and they can’t contain their joy. It probably happens pretty often, like every evening at your house, so it’s best to get it out of your dog’s system before the bath.

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